The Show & Fundraising

So what is Sports TV?

sportstvFollowing the GFC, we wanted to find a way to help the Aussie Battlers out there…the pubs and clubs who are fair dinkum Australian… who are faced day in and day out with the challenge of finding interesting and unique ways of increasing revenues.

We wanted to make life a little easier – and a little nicer for our communities – by finding ‘the Ferrari of chook raffles’ i.e. the ultimate, simple, income-raising and regular LIVE event, providing a regular income stream to the pubs and clubs who screen the Sports TV broadcasts.

Featuring sporting legends like Merv, Boonie and Keka…for two hours we will impart valuable knowledge and expertise as we host a fundraising evening with these sporting legends.

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The Show:

Which Code Should Go?’

The best verbal stoush since Cain vs. Abel!

7.15pm – Broadcast goes LIVE into Pubs and Clubs across Australia

7.45pm – Boonie and Merv (our adjudicators!) explain the show to all out there in TV land

8.00pm – The 4 Footy Legends debate ‘Which Code Should Go?’

9.00pm – Short break – Boonie needs a beer!

9.10pm – LIVE CHAT with all out in Pub and Club land via our onscreen SMS and Twitter scrolls

10.00pm – Time to start counting the profits of your raffles, bar sales, auctions etc!

(please note all times above are Australian EST)


Sports TV on screen example



fundraisingFor a $350+gst (the same as a 2-chord, no-name, 3 set playing, single artist with two groupies who drink water all night!) license to broadcast the event we will show you how to make at least $2000.

You get a $2000+ return…based upon only 30 attendees….

We have deliberately scheduled the event after 7pm EST on a Thursday night so you can ask all at training to hang back at the club, watch and join in the show, have a sausage sizzle, a few drinks, buy some raffle tickets and generally help the club raise some money; but still be home at a decent time as it’s a school day on the Friday.

If you’re a pub and sponsor a local footy club, put on the show and invite them around after training to announce the weekend’s sides. Bingo! An instant crowd that will surely see a better return than that no-name, 2-chord playing single artists’ water drinking friends!


The facts:

  • $500+ for Karma Keg/Kartons/Kans*
  • $250 for a raffle ($50 prize cost, 100+ tickets @ $3 each, 2 for $5…)
  • $300 for entry ($10 each at the club after training)
  • $500+ beer sales (min. over 2 hours)
  • $150 for a sausage sizzle ($5 each)
  • $300 in raffles proceeds if your club or pub receives one of the signed prints
  • $500 pokies and TAB
  • $250 food (over and above sausage sizzle if club/pub has a restaurant)
  • $200 table bingo (we’ll teach you this easy money spinner)
  • $500+ auction one or two items post event
  • $100+ for the best Tweet or SMS that makes it on screen during the show – $5 entry

* Get your local beer rep to donate a keg or kartons of kans for the night, get your patrons to pay/donate what they think is fair for a drink. You’ll be surprised what they chip in. The great team at Richmond Club Hotel (who gave us the idea) do this regularly and during the Boxing Day Test Boonie tipped in $500 for a pot towards their indigenous cause’s charity! On ya Boonie!


 Sports TV. Easy Campese and you can’t afford to miss out!