Raise $2000 (or more)
in one evening

And the best part is that it only costs you a few hundred bucks!



For years I’ve been running celebrity fundraisers for clubs around Australia, raising more than $10 million. In my opinion, there’s no better fundraiser than a well run celebrity fundraiser, just listen to some of the results





You told me this…arrow-1

Yes we’ve had this success. But for years I’ve heard…

Justin we need more money. But we’re run by volunteers.

We don’t have the time, the skill, the resources, etc. to run more than one or two a year. We know they work. How can you organise it so that they

  • Takes less effort to organise
  • Requires less upfront capital investment
  • Takes less of the organisers time
  • Requires only a handful of people to generate a return on investment
So I did this…arrow-1

I took these issues to Boonie, Merv, Keka, Tommy, Robbie & Marto and we came up with this for you

Since the GFC we know how much pubs and clubs have been struggling. We know how much the average punter has pulled in the purse strings on luxuries like food, drink & entertainment, & we know how much this has hit your organisation in the back pocket.

But we also know that you’re still busy as all hell and lack the time and money to put together multiple fundraisers.


These guys wanted to help
out so they’ve done thisarrow-1

We’ve come up with a show that’s cheap, painless, draws a crowd, but still gives the punters bang for their buck.

An easy to run show that’ll see you net a couple of grand for not a lot of effort.

We give you ‘the Ferrari of chook raffles’ i.e. the ultimate, simple, income-raising and regular LIVE event, providing a reliable income stream to pubs and clubs like you. In one night I’m going to give you – Boonie, Merv, Keka, Tommy, Marto & Robbie… A show that will give you Thousands of dollars return for only a small investment.

How’s that for value for money?



Watch the promo video now
(No Boonies were harmed by Merv’s
tongue in the filming of this video)

6 celebrities in your venue, for your punters to engage and interact with.

We call it Sports TV – We’re going to share the costs among multiple venues and we’re going to broadcast a live, entertaining, pay per view, debate into your location. Just watch the promo video

Pretty good huh? That’s not really Merv’s tongue – We had to use a stunt tongue as his is too long.

So we’re going to put those 6 legends in your venue, for less than the cost of a 2-chord, no-name, 3 set playing, single artist with two groupies who drink water all night – So click the button and reserve your spot now.

Got questions? Lemme answer them here

So… What is it?

It’s a live, interactive debate broadcast to your venue like the boxing or the races.

Your audience will be actually participating in the debate via SMS & Twitter. Our entertainers will be answering your punters questions and cheeky remarks – by name!

So when Todd Jones tells Marto that Rugby is like 4 blokes pushing 3 blokes up two blokes arses, Marto will be answering to Todd Jones from your club by name when he says that AFL is like a whole bunch of boys trying to grab the wet soap in the bath…. Good comeback Marto.

The old boys will piss themselves laughing and the young blokes will love the interactivity!
(The K Faktor bears no responsibility if someone does actually piss themself)

How Do I Raise Money? How much will I raise?

It’s a live, interactive debate broadcast to your venue like the boxing or the races.

return on
a $350

So the amount you’ll make will depend on how many people you get in. But let’s say you only got 30 people in attendance. Well that’s

  • $300 in ticket sales
  • Another $600 in drink sales
  • $300 in food sales
  • $300 in raffles
  • $300 in games like table bingo
  • $300 in auction items

And that doesn’t count what they drink or eat afterwards or what the spend on the pokies. If you count that it could easily be in the thousands more!

you actually
break even
on 10

Robbie Slater talks Sports TV interview:

Robbie Slater


But you said it’s low effort… How am I going to fill the room with that many people?

With our DIY marketing kit. All you need to do is follow this easy to use, paint by numbers guide and you’ll have an easy 30 to 100 attendees.

You know, one of the hardest things with events is attendance – everyone hates marketing. So we’ve done it for you. That’s right we provide you with

  • Posters
  • Emails
  • SMS messages
  • Videos
  • Flyers
  • Facebook posts
  • Letters
  • Speeches
All the marketing is done for you. Just set and forget!
Are you ready to buy yet, or do I have to throw in steak knives?
Ok, Ok… I’ll throw in the steak knives!

We don’t want you to be out of pocket. And we want to assume all your risk. That’s why we’re going to give you a signed print of your favourite celebrity of the 6 which you can auction off for $300+…

Plus, I’ll give you a copy of my own book of fundraising tips and ideas. If you really want I’ll even sign it. It’s just a book, but this is my playbook. This is my proprietary system that I use over and over to achieve the amazing fundraising results I do. It’s the same system that I used to help the Singleton Golf Club make $100,000+ from ten events over 5 years . The paper costs a few bucks… the ideas could make you thousands.

That’s 100% of your investment returned before the show starts!
Ok, Ok, Ok… I’ll throw in even more!

To show you how fair dinkum I am, I’ll even discount your next sportsman’s fundraiser booking with us by $350 when you book Sports TV!

That’s 200% of your investment returned before the show starts!

When is it?

Our timing is impeccable as there’s no NRL games on that weekend…

We’ve scheduled the show for Thursday night. It kicks off at 7.30pm – just after training so they’ll be there anyway. It’s right on dinner time – so they’ll hang around for a drink and a feed, more dollars in your pocket.

Plug this hole and make an easy $2000, that’s nearly 6 times return on investment, in one, painless, stress free fun night by clicking the button and book now.

No Cash Down Now! Reserve Your Spot Today

The best part is, no cash needs to change hands right now. There’s two buttons scattered all over this web page. Reserve your spot and tell me more. If you think you’re ready, then click on the reserve your spot and we’ll make sure everything goes out straight away. You don’t have to give your card, just in case you have to go back to the committee.

The other button tell me more, means we’ll call to answer any questions you have. And just for doing that you’ll receive my free book that shows you how I helped a club raise $33,000 in one day. There’s no obligation to do anything, that’s yours free for making the inquiry.

So to summarise, there’s nothing to lose. You break even on 10 attendees. It’s easy to organise, easy to put on, cheap to run, easy to make a profit. And I haven’t even told you about how great the show is. For that I’m going to leave that up to Sam and Tommy. In the video at the top. But after you’ve watched them, be sure to click the button and reserve your spot today!


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